2017 MHS/MVMMS Career Fair Brings Discovery

Melrose High School and Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School hosted its Second Career Fair last night at MVMMS.  The event, coordinated and managed by the MHS/MVMMS Guidance and Counseling Department, brought together career professionals from 45 different fields to bring information to students, parents, and community members.  The event attracted 250 attendees, and was an educational opportunity for our young people to see and hear from adults in various career fields.  Many great conversations were had, and hopefully some seeds planted.

Special thanks goes out to Elise Rowley, MHS counseling intern, for doing a fantastic job coordinating and arranging the event. We would also like to thank all the professionals that generously gave their evening to share their career information with our students and parents.  Thank you also to MVMMS Principal Mr. Conway for the use of the space and for spreading the word to middle school students and parents, high school counselor Joe Parrillo for volunteering to give mock interviews to students, Assistant Principals Cari Berman and Bryan Corrigan and STEM Director Jon Morris for attending, and to all the high school student volunteers that helped us out.  It was a great evening.