Professional Culture and Community Engagement – Priority 4 Detail

Vision – Melrose Public Schools Vision Statement:  Every student will be an engaged, challenged, enriched, and self-directed learner. (6/27/17)

Mission – Melrose Public Schools Mission Statement: The Melrose Public Schools will provide and sustain a thriving and dynamic teaching and learning environment, preparing every student to excel in their authentic life and global citizenship, as supported by an engaged community. (6/27/17)

 Theory of Action – If educators plan instruction with clear learning objectives, develop a culture and climate that fosters strong relationships within the school community, design a current and well-articulated curriculum, and apply the best instructional practices, then teaching and learning will advance and realize high levels of growth and personal success for all learners.

Strategic Objective – Professional Culture and Community Engagement:  Create a professional learning community that is invested in ongoing personal and collaborative growth and that partners with its stakeholders to support teaching and learning.

STRATEGIC PRIORITY – develop school-based teams to lead school efforts in strengthening tiered systems that support social emotional and academic needs.




All elementary grades had fall data meetings in ELA and math to review student data and create instructional plans. From those meetings, additional meetings with small groups have been held to continually review student’s progress including meetings with special education teachers at the Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Winthrop.

High School PBIS team has been established and will meet four times a year.  This is addition to the Critical Case Management Team that meets monthly.

MVMMS has applied for a second Safe and Supportive Schools Grant (waiting to hear) so that they can continue the work from last year.