Assessment – Priority 6 Detail

Vision – We engage all students in learning, raising the aspirations of all students by embracing them in a learning environment designed to meet the needs of all learners.  We provide a comprehensive curriculum aligned with state and national standards that challenges and prepares all learners from Pre K to 12 and beyond.  The curriculum is research-based and consistently integrates best practices to provide a focus that is aligned horizontally and vertically across all grades and addresses the needs of all students.  The Melrose Public Schools employs highly-qualified teachers and administrators who engage students in a positive and dynamic manner, are student-focused, and work individually and collaboratively to effectively deliver instruction and assessment and advance student performance in all areas of learning.  (excerpt:  Melrose Public Schools Strategic Plan 2010-2015)

Theory of Action -If educators plan instruction with clear learning objectives, develop a culture and climate that fosters strong relationships within the school community, design a current and well-articulated curriculum, and apply the best instructional practices, then teaching and learning will advance and realize high levels of growth and personal success for all learners.

Strategic Objective – Assessment and Data: Employ authentic assessment data to inform teaching and learning in order to advance student performance.

STRATEGIC PRIORITY – Employ multiple means of communication, such as Google Classrooms/Sites, Aspen pages, conferences, and progress reports to communicate proactively student progress with students and families.



All staff have been provided the option of having a personal ASPEN page or a website for student and parent information.  If a teacher chooses to have a personal website, his/her ASPEN page provides a link to the website.

Technology survey of teachers this fall showed increased use of Google Apps for Education with students, including Google Classrooms.  However, Google Classroom was also an area of needed professional development for staff.

Using Google Classroom at MHS for Visual Arts, students are able to house images of their work for assessment and reflection. Assignments and resources are made available to students to facilitate the flipped learning. The culminating project will be a complete portfolio of work so that students will realize their growth and accomplishments in Visual Art. Students also include writings such as artist’s statements and reflection in their portfolio.

Google Classroom is used for organizing Glboal Education students’ work and meetings.

Google Classroom is being used in secondary performing arts classes for assignments/ assessments.

A year long ESL class for a parents and caregivers was implemented this year to support the engagement of this specific population within the school.