Teaching All Students – Priority 3 Detail

Vision – Melrose Public Schools Vision Statement:  Every student will be an engaged, challenged, enriched, and self-directed learner. (6/27/17)

Mission – Melrose Public Schools Mission Statement: The Melrose Public Schools will provide and sustain a thriving and dynamic teaching and learning environment, preparing every student to excel in their authentic life and global citizenship, as supported by an engaged community. (6/27/17)

 Theory of Action – If educators plan instruction with clear learning objectives, develop a culture and climate that fosters strong relationships within the school community, design a current and well-articulated curriculum, and apply the best instructional practices, then teaching and learning will advance and realize high levels of growth and personal success for all learners.

Strategic Objective – Teaching All Students:  Employ instructional practices that expect high expectations for content and performance, engage all students, and are personalized to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests, and levels of proficiency.

STRATEGIC PRIORITY – provide for multiple means of formative assessment and analyze the data to inform instructional practices and subsequently create flexible summative assessments that are responsive to a variety of students’ needs.



Pilot the use of technology programs such as Symphony Math, IXL, and Lexia to serve as a diagnostic tool, set goals with teachers, and use for progress monitoring.