Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment- Priority 1 Detail

Vision – Melrose Public Schools Vision Statement:  Every student will be an engaged, challenged, enriched, and self-directed learner. (6/27/17)

Mission – Melrose Public Schools Mission Statement: The Melrose Public Schools will provide and sustain a thriving and dynamic teaching and learning environment, preparing every student to excel in their authentic life and global citizenship, as supported by an engaged community. (6/27/17)

Theory of Action – If educators plan instruction with clear learning objectives, develop a culture and climate that fosters strong relationships within the school community, design a current and well-articulated curriculum, and apply the best instructional practices, then teaching and learning will advance and realize high levels of growth and personal success for all learners.

Strategic Objective –Curriculum, Planning, and AssessmentDevelop and plan high quality curriculum and systems of assessment that enhance student centered, personalized, and self-directed learning.

Strategic Priority – Update rubrics to reflect CBE (competency based education) and develop and pilot standards and scoring criteria for content area proficiencies and habits of learning.



Physical Education and Health have completed standards and scoring criteria. Department has reviewed physical education standards and plans to review health standards in January. In the spring, the department will review scoring criteria and make adjustments.

Math department at the November professional development day completed their standards and wrote scoring crtieria for one standard, Modeling. The department will review in January. A smaller group of the math department will begin writing scoring criteria for the other standards.

Science has a draft of their standards. We will begin writing scoring criteria for science beginning in January.

Humanities has drafted ELA and history standards. They will begin working on scoring criteria in January.

GL revised presentational rubrics during summer PD and is using them will all writing and speaking assessments this year.

Art is meeting in January to (hopefully) finalize integration of standards and scoring critieria.

Music has posted stipend positions to finish developing scoring criteria

Thre 7th Grade teachers (1 per team) are piloting a CBE based alternative grading & feedback system in 2nd trimester.

Habits of Learning have been revised throughout the fall. They have been shared twice with interested teachers for feedback. Approximately 14 teachers are piloting the Habits of Learning. The team will reconvene in Febrauary to give feedback that will support an additional revision.

Four Melrose badges on structures that support CBE have been completed. The badges are meant to each be one hour online at your own pace professional development on a specific topic.