Curriculum and Instruction

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Welcome to the Melrose Public Schools Office of Curriculum and Instruction. Our primary purpose is to communicate curriculum information to administrators, teachers, parents, and students for the purpose of improving instruction and increasing student achievement.

The Melrose Public Schools curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks were adopted by Massachusetts in March of 2011 in English Language Arts and Mathematics and include the national Common Core Standards. The standards have the three following goals:

  1. Every student graduates high school “college and career ready.” These are skills and knowledge that every high school graduate will possess to prepare them for post secondary education or the world of work.
  2. The standards represent better “coherence” in the skills and knowledge students need to have by grade level.  There is a clear sequence of skills and knowledge that increase in difficulty through the grades.
  3. The new standards provide “rigor” across English Language Arts and Mathematics. Students develop critical and analytical thinking skills that prepare them for the 21stcentury.

Our curriculum forms the foundation upon which we build a multitude of interactions related to your child’s healthy growth and development. We believe in its importance. We also firmly believe in the importance of communicating information about it to all of its stakeholders. Please review the Melrose Public Schools’ website for information on curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Feel free to contact us with your questions. We can be reached at 781-979-2166 or at [email protected]


Margaret Adams, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

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