METCO Program

The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc. (METCO, Inc.) is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1966. METCO Inc. is the service provider to the Metropolitan Boston METCO programs. The METCO program has approximately 3,300 students from Boston and Springfield who attend public schools in the participating communities.

Funder by the State Legislature under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 76; 12A and administered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the METCO program is the second oldest voluntary inter-district school assignment project in the country dedicated to increasing diversity and reducing racial isolation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with educational opportunities designed to enrich their academic, personal and interpersonal experiences. It is our belief that the METCO experience should provide a strong academic foundation, as well as an environment rich of cultural, educational, ethnical and racial diversity.

Our Purpose

The METCO project was established to provide the opportunity for children from racially-imbalanced schools in Boston and Children from isolated suburban schools to learn together in an integrated public school setting.

  • METCO strives to increase the diversity and reduce the racial isolation in the receiving districts so that the students from different backgrounds can learn from each other in meaningful ways.
  • The METCo program also provides closer understanding and cooperation between urban and suburban parents and other citizens in the Boston Metropolitan area.

Fore more information or if you have any questions please contact: Doreen Ward,  METCO Director