Online Payment Center FAQ

Melrose Public Schools offers the convenience of paying school fees/tuitions online by credit card or ACH (electronic payment from bank account). All information is secure and payments are executed using encryption. Please note that Melrose Public Schools does not store and checking account or credit card information.

As this service is offered as a convenience it is important to note that a convenience fee will be assessed by the vendor (payment processor) for all payments made through the On-Line Payment Center.

Currently the fees are as follows:

  • .25 for each ACH transaction
  • a percentage (typically 2-3% of the total transaction) for each credit card transaction

Please note that you can continue to make payments by cash, check, or money order made payable to Melrose Public Schools.

Currently the following may be paid for by this method:

  • Before School Program
  • ECC Stay and Play
  • ECC Tuition
  • Education Stations After School Program
  • Elementary Music Instruction
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • Guidance Transcripts and Applications
  • High School Foods Class
  • Melrose School Lunch Program

Need Help?

New users

  1. Visit the Online Payment Center website
  2. Click on School Payer Registration
  3. Fill in the registration form
  4. Click Register
  5. You will be sent an activation number to the email address you register with

Logging in

  1. Once you have received your activation number return to the Melrose Schools Website
  2. Hover over the Quicklinks dropdown in the website header and click the Online Payment Center link
  3. From the Online Payment Center page click on the link under the heading Payment Login
  4. Type in your login information (email address and password)
  5. Click Login
  6. New users will be asked to enter an activation number

Adding a Student

  1. Go to the Add Students tab
  2. Select the School the student belongs to
  3. Enter the Student ID and Last Name
  4. Click Student Lookup
  5. The results will be displayed
  6. Click Add Student

Making a Payment

  1. Go back to the School Fees tab
  2. Select the bills you wish you pay by clicking on the check box to your left
  3. Select your Payment Method from the drop down (to create a new payment method, see How to Create a Payment Method below)
  4. Enter the amount your wish to pay
  5. To schedule your payment for a future date, please do so by using the online calendar
  6. Click on Continue to Verify
  7. On the next page click on Verify and Submit
  8. You will receive a payment confirmation email

How to create a Payment Method

  1. Go to the Payment Method tab
  2. From the drop down menu select the payment method
  3. To save your payment method for future use, please assign it a name for your records
  4. Fill in your banking or credit card information
  5. Click the check box stating you have reviewed and agree to the terms
  6. Click on Create ACH (electronic payment from bank account) or Credit Card Method
  7. Go back to the School Fee tab

Payment Report / History

  1. To view the status of your payment, please go to the Payment Report tab