Getting Ready for Kindergarten Resources

Welcome to Kindergarten in the Melrose Public Schools!

We have collected a set of resources for families to help in the transition to kindergarten.

How to use these resources?

  • Print one or two of the resources below. Try incorporating or thinking about some of the activities a few at a time. Place the tip sheets on the refrigerator as a reminder.
  • Remember the activities are meant to be fun. Make them playful. Enjoy spending time with your child doing some of the activities.
  • Get the whole family involved. Ask older siblings, grandparents, and babysitters to help out.

Getting Started

Sight Words-Sight words are  frequently used words that can not be “sounded out” by children. Learning these by sight will help students transition to reading. The following are the words introduced in kindergarten. Students do not need to know all of these words before entering kindergarten. However, if your child is ready, try using some of these games to introduce and learn the words.

  • Practicing Sight Words at Home – Tips on using the Sight Word cards at home to build automaticity with children recognizing, reading and writing some basic words without decoding or sounding them out.
  • Sight Word Cards – Print and cut these sight words out. Use the cards with the above referenced activities.

Letters and Sounds

  • Recognizing Upper and Lower Case Letters – Games and ideas on using the Upper and Lower Case letter cards that are below.
  • Upper and Lower Case letter Cards – Print and cut out the letter cards below. Use the cards in the above referenced games and activities.
Lower Case Letters Upper Case Letters