BA: Operational Goals

The Committee is responsible to the citizens of the City of Melrose for whose benefit the schools operate. The Committee’s decisions influence the course of education in our schools for years to come. Therefore, as part of its decision-making process, the Committee should incorporate a comprehensive perspective along with long-range planning to address immediate concerns as well as future challenges.

The Committee’s primary responsibility is to establish policy, purposes, and programs that produce the highest educational standards and student outcomes possible. In so doing, the Committee as a legislative body will make use of best practices for fiscal management to set policy, select an executive officer to implement policy, and evaluate the results of policy decisions. The Committee will conduct its responsibilities transparently, seeking comments from all stakeholder groups in its decision-making process.

Through its operations, the Committee intends to achieve the following:

  1. Concentrate the Committee’s collective effort on its policy-making and planning responsibilities.
  2. Formulate Committee policies that best serve the educational interests of each student.
  3. Provide the Superintendent with sufficient and adequate guidelines for implementing Committee policies.
  4. Create an environment for effective communication with all stakeholder groups in order to address attitudes, opinions, desires, and ideas.
  5. Set its own performance objectives and evaluate the extent to which they are met on an as-needed basis.
  6. Allow the individuals and/or groups responsible for carrying out Committee objectives to participate in setting them.
  7. Conduct an annual self-evaluation based on thoughtful and applicable standards and indicators using a clear rubric, inviting input from the community-at-large.

MSC first vote 8/20/13
MSC second vote 8/27/13