BB: Legal Status

The Melrose School Committee is the governing board of the City of Melrose Public Schools.  Although it functions as a duly elected Committee of city government, the Committee has, unlike other city boards and commissions, autonomous and absolute authority within limitations established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to carry out the educational policies of the state and guide the educational process.

The Committee consists of seven members. The voters of the City of Melrose elect six of these members. The mayor will serve, by virtue of his or her office, as the seventh member of the Committee with the powers and duties accorded all elected members of the Committee.

The term of office for the six Committee members elected by the voters will be four years, beginning on the first Monday after the first Tuesday in January in the year following their election, and until their successors have been qualified. The terms of office will be so arranged that three such terms are filled at each biennial election.

MSC first vote: 8/20/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13