BDD: Committee/Superintendent Relationship

The relationship that exists between a Committee and its Superintendent is an intrinsic part of the educational process within a community. Good rapport coupled with an awareness of the distinctive contribution each makes to the system is fundamental to the success of the schools. Knowledge of what each can reasonably expect of the other can help substantially in promoting sound working relationships.

The Committee will: The Superintendent will:
Select the Superintendent and support him or her in the discharge of his or her duties. Review and approve new positions or other personnel mandated by state law put forth by the Superintendent. Act as the Chief Executive Officer of the district. All individuals employed by the Committee or district are responsible directly or indirectly to the Superintendent.
Establish educational goals and policies for the schools in the district. Establish rules, regulations, and procedures to carry out all policies and goals established by the Committee.
Review and approve the annual budget for the district. Prepare and submit the annual budget to the Committee for its consideration.
Consider and approve accounts payable. Approve and direct all purchases and expenditures as stated in the policies of the district.
Review and approve salary schedules and other personnel policies. Recommend personnel policies for adoption, assign all personnel, and approve the hiring and dismissal of personnel.
Request and discuss reports of the Superintendent concerning the progress of the district in terms of achievement of students, staff, and administrators. Create a performance evaluation tool, conduct and oversee the evaluation of staff members, and report findings to the Committee. The Superintendent has final responsibility for the actions of subordinates. Create reports for the Committee and the community that show analysis of student achievement and plans for remediation.
Require, consider and approve reports of business transacted or pending and of the financial status of the district. Prepare periodic reports on the status of the budget. Prepare annual reports on the operation of the district and such other reports required by the Committee.
 In conjunction with the Superintendent, schedule community presentations on recommendations for any significant adjustment of the educational activities of the district. Provide professional leadership for the educational program of the schools. Keep the Committee continuously informed on the progress related to the educational needs of the district. Consider public feedback when implementing any significant adjustment of the educational activities of the district.
Consider recommendations for additional capital outlays and adopt plans for such improvements. Serve on building, renovation, and remodeling committees. Develop plans for maintenance, improvement, safety, or expansion of buildings and site facilities needed to properly provide for an adequate educational program.
Present the needs of the schools before the Board of Aldermen and the citizens of the City of Melrose. Develop a communication plan to keep the community informed about educational matters. Serve as the district’s educational leader before the public.
Act as a court of appeals for school employees and citizens of the community in cases where the decision of the Superintendent is appealed. Make decisions in line with Committee policy and all contracts. Appeals from such decisions may be heard and decided by the Committee.
Consider and approve major school curricula adoptions and the annual School Calendar. Recommend for Committee action major school curricula, major textbook adoptions, and the annual School Calendar.  Continually work to improve curricula at all levels.

MSC first vote:  8/20/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13