BEDB: Agendas and Relevant Materials

Committee meetings are meetings in public to conduct public business but not necessarily a public meeting in the sense that any matter at any time may be heard from those in attendance at the meeting.

The conduct of public business should proceed with order and efficiency with the hearing of reports, action upon the recommendations of the Superintendent, and adoption of resolutions or formal policies as proposed by the members themselves.

  1. It is the prerogative of the Chairman to determine when full and complete information has been given.
  2. It is the prerogative of the Chairman to adjourn the meeting, if in his or her opinion the ability to conduct orderly business is no longer possible.

The Superintendent, conferring with the Chairman, will arrange the order of items on meeting agendas so that the Committee can accomplish its business as effectively and efficiently as possible.  The particular order may vary from meeting to meeting in keeping with the business at hand.

Any Committee member, Melrose resident, or other person having business before the Committee may request that an item be included on the agenda. That person or persons must submit it to the Chairman or Superintendent at least six business days before the meeting for potential inclusion at that meeting. The recipient will confirm confirmation of receipt in writing. If a request is submitted by at least two Committee members or by the Superintendent and one Committee member, then it will be honored by the Chairman, although it may be deferred for one regularly scheduled meeting. The Committee must approve longer deferrals.

The Chairman will give due consideration to all requests and decide whether to include, decline, or defer a requested agenda item. If denied or deferred, prompt explanation to requestors and copies of requests and explanations regarding their disposition will be maintained consistent with Public Records Law.

Acceptance of an agenda item does not necessarily provide the requesting party with an opportunity to speak at a Committee meeting.

The Committee will follow the order of business established by the agenda except as it votes to rearrange the order for the convenience of the community or individuals appearing before the Committee. Changes in the agenda may also occur to expedite Committee business.

Agendas and all relevant materials will be made available to Committee members at least 96 hours before any regularly scheduled or special meeting. The 96-hour provision may be waived if, in the opinion of the Chairman, there is an emergency situation or an error must be corrected. Materials will be delivered electronically, and those associated with non-executive session agenda items will be made available to the public online on the same day they are released to the Committee.

The Superintendent will maintain in the Superintendent’s Office all reports, papers, and documents relating to Committee business or belonging to the Committee. All materials used in the course of a public Committee meeting will be posted on the Committee web site in a timely manner. Materials greater than two years old will be removed from the web site and archived by the Superintendent.

MSC first vote: 8/20/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13