BEDG: Minutes

The minutes of a Committee meeting constitute the written record of Committee actions.  The Executive Secretary will be responsible for reporting in the minutes all actions taken by the Committee.

Minutes will include:

  1. A statement about the nature of the meeting (regular or special), the time, the place.
  2. Names of the members present or absent, annotated as to arrival and departure times if during the meeting.
  3. A complete record of official actions taken by the Committee relative to the Superintendent’s recommendations, communications, and all business transacted. Resolutions and motions will be written in language as close as possible to their exact wording, accompanied by the names of members moving and seconding and a record of the results of the vote.
  4. Notation of formal adjournment.
  5. Any other information and documentation indicated by Open Meeting and/or Public Records Laws.

Minutes will be proposed for approval by the Committee as an agenda item at a regularly scheduled meeting as soon as is practicable following the meeting at which those minutes were taken.

The approved minutes will become permanent records of the Committee. Minutes of public meetings will be maintained by the Superintendent who will make them available to interested citizens upon request.

MSC first vote: 8/20/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13