BGD: Review of Regulations

It is expected that the Superintendent and administrative staff will need to issue guidelines implementing Committee policies. Many of these guidelines will be routine from year to year; others will arise in special circumstances; and some will be drawn up under specific directions from the Committee.

The Committee may review, revise, or veto guidelines developed by the Superintendent whenever they appear inconsistent with policy, goals, or objectives of the district.

The Committee will not officially approve guidelines except as required by state law or in cases where strong student, staff, or community concerns makes it necessary or advisable for the Committee to grant advance approval.

Guidelines Pertaining to Staff and Student Conduct

Under Massachusetts law, the Superintendent is required to publish “rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct of teachers and students which have been adopted.”  Codes of discipline as well as procedures used to develop such codes will be filed with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for information purposes only.  Standards of conduct will be included in staff and student handbooks.  These handbooks will be reviewed and approved annually by the Committee.

MSC first vote: 8/20/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13