BIBA: Conferences, Committees and Workshops

To provide continuing in-service training and development, the Committee encourages the participation of all members in relevant Committee conferences, workshops, and conventions. In order to control both the investment of time and funds necessary to implement this policy, the Committee establishes these principles and procedures for its guidance:

  1. The Committee may designate a member to maintain a calendar of Committee conferences, conventions, and workshops who can periodically suggest meetings that appear to be most promising in terms of producing direct and indirect benefits to the district.
  2. Funds for participation at such meetings will be budgeted on an annual basis.  When funds are limited, the Committee may designate which of its members would be the most appropriate to participate at a given meeting.
  3. Members who participate in a conference, convention, or workshop that is not attended by the full Committee will be requested to share information, recommendations, and materials acquired at the meeting.

MSC first vote: 8/20/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13