CA: Administration Goals

It is the intent of the Committee for the district to employ highly qualified personnel to manage school operations efficiently and effectively. To that end, the Committee expects the Superintendent to organize district administrators in a manner that makes clear the function(s) of each position and the relationships among them.

The Superintendent will establish clear lines of communication, both vertically and horizontally, and will form any staff councils, working groups, or task forces needed to provide for efficient operation of school business. To ensure that the district is managed in an efficient manner, each individual and group will be given particular, clear-cut responsibilities. The Superintendent will establish channels of communication so that the recommendations and decisions of each group can be heard and reviewed by the relevant decision makers, including the Superintendent and the Committee.

The organization and administration of the schools will balance responsibility with commensurate authority, subject to the reserved legal powers of the Committee, meaning that a staff member, when assigned a responsibility or a position, will be given the authority to make the decisions necessary to perform the assigned task(s).

MSC first vote: 8/13/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13