CBI: Evaluation of the Superintendent

The Committee and the Superintendent will mutually establish annual performance goals for the Superintendent prior to the commencement of each school year (ordinarily during the preceding June).

The Committee will evaluate the performance of the Superintendent annually, normally in June, in compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requirements. In addition, the Committee will meet with the Superintendent at least once during each contract year to discuss the Superintendent’s performance. All evaluation discussions of the Superintendent’s performance will be in accordance with Open Meeting Laws.

Through evaluation of the Superintendent, the Committee intends to accomplish the following:

  1. Clarify the Superintendent’s role in, and impact on, the district as seen by the Committee.
  2. Provide a distinct forum for the Superintendent’s reflections on immediate priorities and longer-term steps that result in improved student outcomes.
  3. Maintain a professional, respectful working relationship between the Committee and Superintendent.
  4. Support excellence in the area of district administrative leadership.

MSC first vote: 8/13/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13