CE: Administrative Councils, Working Groups and Committees

The Superintendent may establish such permanent or temporary councils, working groups, or committees as he/she deems necessary for assuring staff and community participation in decision-making for a predetermined purpose and for implementing policies and guidelines for the improvement of the educational program. Each group will have a designated end date related to the completion of its duties, at which point it will be disbanded.

Functioning in an advisory capacity, all councils, working groups, and committees created by the Superintendent may make recommendations for submission to the Committee through the Superintendent. Such groups will exercise no inherent authority. Authority for establishing policy remains with the Committee, and authority for implementing policy remains with the Superintendent.

The membership, composition, and responsibilities of administrative councils, working groups, and committees will be defined by the Superintendent and may be changed at his/her discretion; however, the Committee will be informed of the establishment and dissolution of these groups as well as their membership and their purpose.

Expenses incurred by such groups for consultative services, materials, and any investigative travel will be paid by the district, but only within budgetary allotments and when approved in advance by the Superintendent.

MSC first vote: 8/13/13
MSC second vote: 8/27/13