CHCA: Approval of Handbooks

The Superintendent is authorized to issue staff and student handbooks to ensure that pertinent Committee and district policies, regulations, procedures, and guidelines are made known to all staff members and students.

Massachusetts General Law directs that the principal in each school building with grades nine to twelve, in consultation with the school council, will prepare and distribute to each student a handbook with rules pertaining to the conduct of students. The Melrose High School Council will review the Melrose High School Handbook each spring to consider changes in policies, including those related to discipline, slated to take effect each September.

The contents of all handbooks will conform to state and federal laws and regulations as well as Committee policies.  All handbooks bearing the name of the Melrose Public Schools will spell out the required standards of conduct for staff and students. Each handbook will be approved by the Superintendent and the Committee prior to publication and will be considered Committee policy.

The Superintendent will determine whether other publications need Committee approval and will make all school publications available to the Committee for informational purposes.

MSC first vote:  7/23/13
MSC second vote:  8/13/13