DBD: Budget Planning

The major portion of income for the operation of the public schools is derived from local property taxes and the Committee will attempt to protect the valid interest of the taxpayer. However, the first priority in the development of an annual budget will be the educational welfare of the students in our schools.

Budget decisions reflect the attitude and philosophy of those charged with the responsibility for educational decision-making. Therefore, a sound budget development process must be established to ensure that the annual operating budget accurately reflects the district’s goals and objectives. Public school budgeting is regulated and controlled by legislation, state regulations, and Committee policy. The operating budget for the district will be prepared and presented in line with state policy and will be developed and refined in accordance with these same requirements.

The Superintendent will serve as budget officer but he/she may delegate portions of this responsibility to staff members, as he/she deems appropriate. The three general areas of responsibility for the Superintendent as budget officer will be budget preparation, budget presentation, and budget administration, including the construction of, and adherence to, a budget calendar.

In the budget planning process, the Committee will work with the Superintendent and staff to:

  1. Engage in thorough advance planning with staff and school councils in order to develop budgets and guide expenditures in a manner that will achieve the greatest educational returns and contributions to the educational program in relation to dollars expended.
  2. Establish levels of funding that will provide high quality education for all students.
  3. Use the best available techniques for budget development and management.

The final date for submission of the budget to the Board of Aldermen will be arranged cooperatively between the Committee and the mayor. Authority for adoption of the final school budget lies with the Melrose Board of Aldermen.

Informational review: 11/10/15
MSC first vote: 11/24/15
MSC second vote: 12/8/15