DID: Inventories

Inventories are taken for a number of reasons: to ensure that school property is being used for the purposes for which it was purchased; to protect school property from theft and damage; to assess the operational condition and efficiency of school equipment; to establish a maintenance and repair schedule; to determine the specific amounts of supplies that need to be purchased for the near future; and to create (for insurance purposes) a current record of the value of school property in the case of fire loss, other damage, or theft.

  1. There will be an annual inventory of all technology and books, and an inventory on an as-needed basis of all equipment, furniture, and supplies that are under the responsibility and jurisdiction of the Committee.
  2. The annual inventory will be taken under the general supervision of the principal, and will be under the supervision of the Superintendent with other professional and support personnel cooperating as directed.
  3. The Superintendent will develop administrative guidelines for conducting inventories.
  4. The Superintendent will provide the Committee with the important details of the inventory program as necessary.

MSC first vote: 1/13/15
MSC second vote: 2/18/15