EB: Safety Program

Accidents are undesirable, unplanned occurrences that can result in disruptive, if not tragic consequences. The Committee will take reasonable and appropriate precautions to protect the safety of all students, staff, visitors, and others present on school property or at school-sponsored events.

The Committee will comply with safety requirements established by governmental authorities and will insist that staff members adhere to recommended safety practices in areas including, but

not limited to, school buildings and grounds, any and all areas of instruction, student transportation, and occupational safety.

The practice of safety will also be considered a facet of the instructional program of the schools. Instruction will include accident prevention as well as fire prevention; emergency procedures; and traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian safety.

The Superintendent will have overall responsibility for the district’s safety program and will ensure that appropriate staff members are kept informed of current state and local requirements relating to fire prevention, civil defense, sanitation, public health, and occupational safety. He/she will also develop a comprehensive emergency procedure framework to provide principals with relevant guidelines. The Superintendent and principals will work with local safety officers to ensure that each school maintains a high-quality school safety plan.

Efforts directed toward the prevention of accidents will succeed only to the degree that all staff members recognize that preventing accidents is a daily operational responsibility.

MSC first vote: 3/25/14
MSC second vote: 4/8/14