EBAB: Pest Management

The Melrose Public Schools is committed to providing a safe and properly maintained environment for all staff, students, and visitors. To achieve this end, the district will partner with the Melrose Department of Public Works to implement integrated pest management procedures for its buildings and grounds.

The integrated pest management procedures will include implementation of appropriate prevention and control strategies, notification of certain pesticide and herbicide uses, record- keeping, education, and evaluation.

Integrated pest management procedures will determine when to control pests and what method of control to choose. Strategies for managing pest populations will be influenced by the pest species, location, and whether and at what population level its presence poses a threat to people, property, or the environment. The full range of action alternatives, including no action, will always be considered.

An emergency waiver to this policy may be obtained from the Melrose Board of Health or the Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture as outlined in state law.

MSC first vote: 3/25/14
MSC second vote: 4/8/14