ECA: Security

Public school buildings and grounds represent some of Melrose’s most significant investments. It is deemed in the best interest of the district and the City to protect this investment adequately.

Security means not only maintenance of a secure (locked) building, but protection from fire hazards and faulty equipment, and safe practices in the use of electrical, plumbing, and heating equipment. The Committee expects the Superintendent to closely collaborate with fire and law enforcement departments, and with insurance company inspectors in the interest of keeping buildings and grounds safe and secure.

Access to school buildings outside of regular school hours will be limited to individuals whose work requires it and authorized students and visitors. Visitors must enter buildings at the designated entry equipped with electronically secured doors and report to the appropriate reception area upon entrance. All visitors staying in the building must wear a visitor’s badge until departure.

Funds and important records, as well as valuable instructional, administrative, and/or extra- curricular materials and equipment, will be kept in a safe place under lock and key.

Protective devices used as safeguards against illegal entry and vandalism will be installed when appropriate to the individual situation. Employment of security personnel may be approved in situations where special risks are involved.

The Superintendent will maintain any and all security procedures and will distribute them to all relevant stakeholder groups.

MSC first vote: 3/25/14
MSC second vote: 4/8/14