ECAC: Vandalism

The Committee recognizes that acts of vandalism committed against property are costly and require swift and positive action. Protection of school property is a responsibility of all staff

members regardless of their position in the district. Any student, staff member, or visitor who witnesses or has knowledge of an act of vandalism will immediately report the act(s) to the building principal who will take the steps necessary to address the issue(s).

The Superintendent and principals are authorized to sign a criminal complaint and to press charges against perpetrators of vandalism of school property, and are further authorized to delegate, as he/she sees fit, authority to sign such complaints and to press charges. Discipline will be addressed in accordance with federal, state, and local law. Families and students will be made aware of the legal implications involved. Reimbursement will be sought for all or part of any damages.

MSC first vote: 3/25/14
MSC second vote: 4/8/14