FA: Facilities Development Goals

The Committee believes that the environment in which an educational program functions significantly influences the program’s delivery and outcomes; therefore, it is the Committee’s goal to provide high-quality facilities required for the number of students in the district, and to provide the kinds of facilities that best accommodate and support the educational program.

When planning building, renovation, or expansion projects, the Committee recognizes that capital funds will be limited, and that priorities must be established to make the best use of taxpayer resources. The Committee’s first objective will be to develop a plan that minimizes the possibility of overcrowding and the need for extended day programs and/or double sessions.  Community impact as well as the district’s educational needs will be considered in the planning of all projects.

The Committee expects project plans to reflect simplicity of design (with consideration encouraged for the inclusion of cultural characteristics unique to Melrose), sustainable fiscal management (including responsible efficiencies of short- and long-range maintenance costs, energy expense, insurance rates, etc.), well-considered educational use, and flexibility. Every effort must be made to achieve project objectives on time and within the allocated budget.

MSC first vote: 10/22/13
MSC second vote: 11/13/13