FCB: Retirement of Facilities

When a district facility becomes inadequate by virtue of age, condition, size of site, lack of need, or other overriding limitations and cannot reasonably and economically be improved to meet current educational standards, the facility will be considered for a comprehensive closing study. The Superintendent will recommend to the Committee those facilities that appear to justify such an analysis.

The Committee may seek both professional advice and the advice of the community and its elected officials when considering the retirement of any district facility. This discovery may allow the public, which originally acquired the property, to benefit from its recycling or retirement.

A closing study will directly involve affected stakeholders and will include the following relevant factors as well as any others deemed appropriate:

  1. Age and current physical condition of the facility, its operating systems, and its program facilities.
  2. Adequacy of site, location, access, surrounding development, traffic patterns, and other environmental conditions.
  3. Reassignment of students including alternative plans according to Committee policy.
  4. Transportation factors, including numbers of students bussed, time, distance, and safety.
  5. Alternative uses of the facility.
  6. Cost/Savings
    a. Personnel
    b. Plant operation
    c. Transportation
    d. Capital investment
    e. Alternative use
  7. Continuity of instructional and community programs.

If the Committee decides to retire a facility, it will authorize its transfer to the City by way of two Committee votes.

MSC first vote: 10/22/13
MSC second vote: 11/13/13