FF: Naming

Naming a district facility, in whole or in part, is an important matter that deserves thoughtful attention. Personal prejudice, favoritism, political pressure, or temporary popularity will not influence the choice of a name. A name with educational significance or inspiration will be chosen. The Committee considers it appropriate to name district facilities for physical locations; geographical areas; distinguished local, state, and national leaders whose names will lend dignity and stature to the school; or significant or pertinent events.

The Superintendent will maintain a procedure for recommending district facility names to the Committee. This procedure will include measures to ensure a prompt decision process. Whenever possible, the wishes of the community, including parents and students, will be included in naming new facilities. At all times the final selection of a name will be subject to Committee approval.

The Committee retains the right to rename a district facility, or part thereof, if at any time in the future the name is deemed by the Committee to be inconsistent with the educational mission or otherwise disruptive to the learning environment.

The Committee further reserves the right to approve or reject proposals for erecting memorials in the form of plaques or monuments in or on district facilities including, but not limited to, design, wording, and placement. The Superintendent may organize and conduct appropriate dedication ceremonies following the completion of any district project to recognize accomplishment, achievement, and/or remembrance, and will maintain administrative guidelines for those ceremonies.

MSC first vote: 10/22/13
MSC second vote: 11/13/13