AB: The People and Their Schools

When citizens elect delegates to represent them in the conduct of public education, their representatives on the School Committee have the authority to implement statutory requirements while exercising their best judgment in determining policies, making decisions, and approving procedures for carrying out those responsibilities. These actions should reflect the views and expectations of the community.

Therefore, the Committee affirms its intent to:

  1. Maintain two-way communication with the citizens of Melrose. The public will be kept informed of the successes and challenges of the district, and citizens will be urged to bring their aspirations and opinions about public education in Melrose to the attention of Committee members, whom they have chosen to represent them in the governance of public education.
  2. Establish policies and make decisions on the basis of declared educational philosophy and goals. Committee decisions will be made according to the stated priorities and purposes of the Committee, especially those related to high-quality teaching and learning for all students.
  3. Act as a truly representative body for members of the community in matters involving public education. The Committee recognizes that individual school committees have been assigned specific authority through state law. Because the Committee believes that local decision-making can substantially impact the improvement of student outcomes, it welcomes the citizens of Melrose to share their views and suggestions as part of a community partnership to enhance Melrose Public Schools.

MSC first vote: 8/27/13

MSC second vote: 9/10/13