AD: Mission and Core Values

The City of Melrose values its rich tradition of community, education, and culture in its government and its public schools. As a district, we are committed to building strong, positive relationships between the families we serve and the schools their children attend. We encourage collaboration between educators and community members to help our students achieve the personal and academic success they need to become highly skilled, productive, and responsible citizens in our global society.

The district embodies a professional learning community where current research informs instruction and challenges us all to be lifelong learners. Staff members engage in continuous improvement through the use of assessment and targeted professional development to provide students with a rigorous, relevant, and research-based learning experience. A positive, caring culture that fosters a sense of belonging for all students is our hallmark, ensuring that students are active participants in the learning process and demonstrating appreciation and respect for the diversity of our community.

Mission Statement of the Melrose Public Schools:
We inspire, engage, support, prepare, and challenge all students to achieve personal and academic excellence, to become life-long learners, and to be responsible, respectful, and successful participants in our global community.

Core Values of the Melrose Public Schools:
The following core values espouse the high expectations we have for all of the school community, directing how we conduct ourselves in fulfilling the school system’s mission.

  1.  All students can learn.
  2. All students can achieve personal learning success.
  3. Quality and reflective teaching is essential in helping students reach academic and personal success.
  4. Rigorous, relevant, and research-based curricula promote quality learning for all.
  5. Honesty and integrity guide our individual and group actions, interactions, and decisions.
  6. By working collaboratively and collegially, we will be better able to overcome obstacles, solve problems, and achieve goals.
  7. We honor and celebrate differences and respect individuality.  We take pride in and respect ourselves, each other, our schools, our work, and our environment.
  8. Strong, respectful partnerships between educators and families are critical to the successful education of children.
  9. Ongoing and meaningful collaboration and communication between educators and community members promotes a dynamic school system.

MSC first vote:  8/27/13
MSC second vote: 9/10/13