GA: Personnel Policy Goals

The personnel goals of the Melrose Public Schools are to:

  1. Respect and abide by all federal and state laws and regulations as well as collective bargaining agreements related to personnel policies and practices.
  2. Model, support, and sustain a professional staffing culture that embodies the elements of respect, self-reflection, cultural proficiency, and continuous improvement in order to meet rigorous yet attainable educational goals of the district.
  3. Develop and implement those strategies and procedures for personnel recruitment, hiring, and training that result in the employment and retention of individuals with the highest capabilities, strongest commitment to quality education, and greatest probability of effectively implementing the district’s learning program.
  4. Develop a staff assignment strategy that contributes to the improvement of students’ academic outcomes and college/career readiness, and use it as the primary basis for determining staff assignments.
  5. Provide training, coaching, and mentoring that contribute to improvement of students’ academic outcomes and college/career readiness.
  6. Support a team approach to education in the interest of educating the whole child.
  7. Implement and consistently apply personnel evaluation processes that contribute to the improvement of staff capabilities as well as student outcomes.

MSC first vote: 10/14/14
MSC second vote: 10/28/14