GBEBC: Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff


The acceptance of personal gifts by staff members from school suppliers, parents, and/or students can be subject to misinterpretation and a source of embarrassment to the district and all persons involved. When families, students, or others wish to express personal appreciation to a teacher or other staff member, the Committee urges them to find modes of expression that do not involve personal gifts.

No employee of the Committee will accept a personal gift from a business concern supplying, or with an interest in supplying, goods, materials, equipment, or services to the district. This restriction does not relate to the acceptance of gifts for the district, or to the acceptance of small and clearly identifiable advertising and promotional materials.

The Superintendent will create and maintain administrative procedures describing the rules governing the receipt of gifts and the reporting thereof. These procedures will be available online for the public to view and distributed to all employees and volunteers once each school year.


In order to protect staff members from appearances of conflict of interest, no staff member may distribute or announce, or permit others to distribute or announce, any advertisement in the district related to the sale of merchandise or services that are not linked to permissible school fundraising without the permission of the Committee.

MSC first vote: 10/14/14
MSC second vote: 10/28/14