GCE: Professional Staff Recruiting

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent, with the assistance of administrative staff, to determine the personnel needs of the district and it is the responsibility of the principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, to determine the personnel needs of the individual schools.

In addition, school councils may review personnel requirements as a means of evaluating the needs of a school. The Committee will approve any recommendations for the creation or elimination of a position.

The search for, and recruitment of, highly-effective teachers and other professional employees will employ current best practices, extend to a wide variety of educational institutions and geographical areas, take into consideration unique characteristics of the city, and recognize the importance of a heterogeneous staff from various cultural backgrounds.

Recruitment efforts will not overlook the talents and potential of individuals already employed by the district and will comply with all state and federal laws as well as conditions of the collective bargaining agreement.

MSC first vote: 1/13/15
MSC second vote: 2/18/15