GCQF: Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff

The Superintendent will strive to assist staff members in the continuous improvement of their skills and abilities in order to reach their professional goals in the context of the evaluation process. However, the Superintendent may dismiss any employee in accordance with state law and regulation as well as the collective bargaining agreement. Further, the Committee recognizes the constitutional rights of the district’s employees and assures them the protection of due process of law. To guarantee such rights, a system of constitutionally and legally sound procedures will be followed in each case of suspension or dismissal of an employee.

When the Superintendent or a principal determines that sufficient cause exists for a professional employee to be suspended or dismissed from service in the district, he/she will:

  1.        Be certain that defensible records support each such case.
  2.        Determine if the individual is to be suspended immediately with the understanding that the suspension will be subject to restoration of salary and position if an appeal is decided in favor of the individual.
  3.        Follow the procedures for dismissal or suspension that are contained in applicable laws as well as those included in the current collective bargaining agreement.
  4.        Provide the individual involved with a written statement that will:
    a. Indicate whether the action the Superintendent is taking is dismissal or suspension.
    b. State the reason for the suspension or dismissal.
    c. Guarantee that all procedures will be in accordance with due process of law.
    d. Inform employees who have a right to request a hearing under appropriate laws that they may be represented at such a hearing by appropriate counsel.

MSC first vote: 10/14/14
MSC second vote: 10/28/14