IHA: Instructional Program

The business of the schools is to equip all district students with the skills, tools, and content knowledge that will lay the basic foundation for college and career readiness and success. This intention means giving highest priority to developing skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and solving numerical problems. In addition, the Committee recognizes, appreciates, and prioritizes the importance of 21st century skills, including life and career skills; learning and innovation skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity); and information, media, and technology skills*.

The first claim of the community’s resources will be made with the realization of these priorities. School dollars, talent, time, and whatever innovation in program is required must be concentrated on these goals. No student will be by-passed or left out of the schools’ efforts to teach fundamental skills.

* Reference the Partnership for 21st Century Skills’ “Framework for 21st Century Learning.”

MSC first vote: 11/18/14
MSC second vote: 12/9/14