IJNDB: Acceptable Use


The Melrose Public Schools will provide access for employees and students to interactive technology, including but not limited to access to external networks, for appropriate educational purposes. Educational purposes will be defined as classroom activities, career and professional development, and high quality self-discovery activities of an educational nature. The purpose of the system/network is to assist in preparing students for success in life and work by providing access to a wide range of information and the ability to communicate with others. The system/network will be used to increase communication (staff, parent, and student), enhance productivity, and assist staff in upgrading existing skills and acquiring new skills through a broader exchange of information. The system/network will also be used to provide information to the community, including parents, governmental agencies, and businesses.


The Superintendent or designee will implement, monitor, and evaluate the district’s system/network for instructional and administrative purposes.

Access to the system/network, including external networks, will be made available to employees and students for instructional and administrative purposes and in accordance with administrative regulations and procedures.

Access to the system/network is a privilege, not a right. All users will be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all administrative regulations and procedures governing use of the system and will agree in writing to comply with such regulations and procedures. Noncompliance with applicable regulations and procedures may result in suspension or termination of user privileges and other disciplinary actions consistent with the policies of the Melrose Public Schools. Violations of law may result in criminal prosecution as well as disciplinary action by the Melrose Public Schools.

Acceptable Use

The Superintendent or designee will develop and implement administrative regulations, procedures, and user agreements, consistent with the purposes and mission of the Melrose Public Schools as well as with law and policy governing copyright.

In conjunction with Policy IJND: Curriculum and Instruction Using Electronic Media, the district will provide the Committee with at least one annual report to communicate its Internet safety measures. The Committee will review this policy in conjunction with that report.

Monitored Use

Electronic mail transmissions and other use of electronic resources by students and employees will not be considered confidential and may be monitored at any time by designated staff to ensure appropriate use for instructional and administrative purposes.


The Melrose Public Schools will not be liable for users’ inappropriate use of electronic resources or violations of copyright restrictions, users’ mistakes or negligence, or costs incurred by users. The Melrose Public Schools will not be responsible for ensuring the accuracy or usability of any information found on external networks.

MSC first vote: 11/18/14
MSC second vote: 12/9/14

MSC Review: 9/15/15