IK: Progress Reports

The Committee appreciates that student progress reports are a vital form of communication between the schools and parents, and recognizes the school’s obligation to provide periodic reports of a student’s progress and grades in the interest of improving student outcomes.  The Committee also believes that progress reports must be based upon full information, accurately and honestly reported with the proper maintenance of confidentiality.

The appropriate teacher, teachers, or other staff member(s) will issue a report depicting the student’s progress on a regular basis. The format of that report will be determined by the Superintendent and will comply with any state laws and regulations and any and all collective bargaining agreements.

In addition to the periodic reports, parents will be notified when a student’s performance requires special notification.

Grading and promotion will be based on student improvement, achievement, performance, and the professional judgment of the teacher and principal.

Major changes in the reporting system will be preceded by a cooperative study and evaluation by teachers, principals, parents, and the Superintendent, who will submit the proposal to the Committee for consideration and approval.



MSC first vote: 11/18/14
MSC second vote: 12/9/14