JC: Elementary School Assignment and Class Size Policy

The Committee recognizes that class size is an important factor in high quality education and works to adhere to state guidelines in this regard. It intends to maintain a classroom dynamic that ensures effective instruction using best practice, provides equitable class size at each grade level across the district within the constraints of space availability and budget limitations, and respects each family’s preference regarding the school their child(ren) will attend.

The Committee does not recognize any neighborhood boundaries or neutral zones but does recognize that elementary schools are not evenly spaced throughout the district. Once a student is placed in his/her school, he/she is entitled to remain at that school for the duration of his/her elementary experience. Families registering their child(ren) will have sufficient notice of opportunities to explore school options in order to identify the schools they feel best fit the needs of their child(ren).

Criteria for determining school assignment will be based on the following factors, with consideration given to yearly enrollment numbers as well as each unique student cohort

  • Need for special programs and/or facilities including, but not limited to, English Language Learning and special education
  • Equity of class size across the district by grade level
  • Timeliness of registration (on-time, late, rolling)
  • Family preference including presence of siblings in the school
  • Proximity of the child(ren)’s residence to the preferred school(s) and proximity of the child(ren)’s residence to each of the elementary schools

Due consideration will also be given to equity of staff load, contractual agreements, health and safety standards, and any other factors that might impact placement decisions.

The Superintendent will establish administrative procedures that adhere to the intent of this policy and indicate when, where, and how to register; wait list expectations; the appeals process should a family fail to receive a preferred school assignment; how hardship will be evaluated and considered; how, what, and when parent communication will be provided; and any additional pertinent protocols. The Committee will approve these procedures.

School assignment notifications will be made as soon as possible following registration so that families can best prepare for integration into their new school home(s).

MSC first vote: 4/28/15
MSC second vote: 5/12/15