JFABB: Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

The Melrose Public Schools recognizes the value of exchange programs with students from other countries, and will accept tuition free, on a space available basis, exchange students who are fluent in the English language and sponsored by an officially recognized exchange program, provided they reside at a home in the City of Melrose.  A limit of four students per year may be accepted. The Committee must approve exceptions to this policy.

Exchange programs recognized by the Committee include:

  • American Field Service
  • ASSE International Student Exchange Program
  • Rotary International

Exchange students sponsored by other organizations may also be recommended by the Superintendent based on a review of the program’s credentials.

In addition, the host family assumes responsibility for all matters of care and well being related to the exchange student. A notarized statement is required from the adults with whom the student is to live certifying that they are bona fide residents of Melrose, and that they willingly accept full responsibility for the care, conduct, and direction of the young person being given into their charge.

Verification of local residence and pertinent records, including health, must be received and acknowledged as in good order by the principal before admission will be permitted.  No student will be admitted to the school unless he/she has been successfully immunized against any communicable disease as specified by the Department of Public Health and state regulations.

MSC first vote: 12/9/14
MSC second vote: 1/13/15