JICH: Drug and Alcohol Use by Students

The Committee respects medical and scientific evidence indicating that the use of drugs and alcohol can endanger the health and safety of the user. In addition, the Committee recognizes that use of alcoholic beverages or drugs can have a deleterious effect on the maintenance of general order and discipline; therefore the Committee prohibits the use, possession, serving, or consumption of any drug or alcoholic beverage on any school property or at any school function (regardless of location of that function).

Any student, regardless of age, who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol prior to attendance at, or participation in, a school-sponsored activity, will be barred from that activity and subject to disciplinary action consistent with state, local, and district rules and regulations.

Education and prevention is the top priority in adequately addressing the problem of student drug and alcohol use, and the Committee will provide meaningful, evidence-based drug and alcohol education programs in ways the school deems appropriate, and will assess the effectiveness of these programs bi-annually and adjust teaching and learning as necessary. Programming and assessment will be consistent with district wellness policy and administrative procedures.

Close cooperation between school authorities and external agencies, including law enforcement officials, is another essential element in addressing student drug and alcohol use and the Superintendent will partner with them to the extent appropriate in the interest of student health, well-being, and improved academic outcomes.

The Committee strongly encourages parents and families to partner with the schools in whatever ways deemed useful to create and maintain a culture that promotes respect for the age requirement associated with alcohol consumption and for a no-tolerance approach to drug use.

Note: This policy refers to illegal or illicit drugs including opioids.

MSC first vote: 11/15/16

MSC second vote: 11/22/16