JII: Student Complaints and Grievances

The Committee recognizes that there may be conditions in the district that are in need of improvement and that students should have some means by which their concerns may be effectively expressed, considered, and dealt with fairly.  Such means, if well conceived and understood in advance, can do much to maintain harmonious relationships among the schools, students, and community.

Students and their parents and/or guardians who believe that a student has received unfair treatment are invited to forward any and all grievances.  Appeals of individual disciplinary cases will follow the district’s policy on student discipline. School officials, when conducting hearings and reviews of student grievances, will follow all applicable provisions of Massachusetts General Law or federal law.  In general, proceedings will begin with the authority imposing the penalty (for example, principal or teacher) and may ultimately be referred to the Superintendent. The Committee will become involved if a policy needs to be added, revised, or repealed.

Every attempt will be made to seek a mutually satisfactory solution to all legitimate grievances in a respectful, professional, and informal manner.


MSC first vote: 8/26/14
MSC second vote: 9/23/14