JJ: Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Programs

The Committee believes that student activities are a vital part of the total educational program and should be used as a means to engage and enrich students. Relevant and appropriate activities develop a sense of community, and provide the opportunity to develop leadership skills and content knowledge in a safe, energizing, and productive environment. Student activities can also support academics by incorporating elements of 21st century skills including critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Therefore, the district will provide a broad and balanced program of activities geared to the various ages, interests, and needs of students.

The district will employ the following guidelines when organizing student activities:

  1. The schools will observe a complementary relationship to the home and community, planning activities with due regard for the widespread and rich programs and facilities already available to students.
  2. Parents, students, and teachers will be encouraged to assist in the planning of activity programs.
  3. The goal for each student will be a balanced program of appropriate academic studies and activities to be determined by the school, the parents, and the student. This collaboration constitutes shared responsibility.
  4. Students will be encouraged to participate in activities that suit their skills, abilities, and interests.
  5. All activities will be supervised and all clubs and groups will have an adult faculty advisor who will adhere to applicable state laws and regulations.
  6. No student will be restricted from participation in activities on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.
  7. Melrose Public School students may participate in Melrose Public School activities. Home-schooled students under the jurisdiction of the Superintendent may participate with: (a) approval from the Superintendent; and (b) payment of any fees, dues, or expenses consistent with those paid by Melrose Public School students.

MSC first vote: 9/24/13
MSC second vote: 10/8/13