JJE: Student Fund-Raising Activities

Fund-raising by students for school activities will be approved by the principal and Superintendent. As with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, an adult faculty advisor, who will adhere to applicable state laws and regulations and Committee policy, will supervise all fund-raising activities.

Fund-raising during school hours is discouraged. The use of prizes as an incentive for students to solicit increased sales is also discouraged. No student will be directed or required to involuntarily participate in any approved, school related, fund-raising activity and no disciplinary actions will be taken toward a student who does not participate.

The Committee discourages door-to-door solicitations to unknown parties, and solicitations of money outside of local businesses (i.e. “canning”). Factors to be considered when selecting fund-raising activities include the quality of any product to be sold, the effect on (including solicitations of) local businesses, and the frequency of such fundraisers.

When fund-raising, students will dress and conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate to the activity while respecting the professional culture of the school and district.

The Superintendent will create and maintain administrative guidelines that give effect to this policy.

The Committee recognizes that parent organizations (PTO’s, booster clubs, etc.) fundraise with the understanding that they are separate entities apart from the schools, but encourages them to consider Committee policy as they work to support students. Contributions to the district by parent organizations have been and will always be greatly appreciated by the district and the Committee.

MSC first vote: 11/18/14
MSC second vote: 12/9/14