JLD: School Counseling Program

School counseling is defined as helping individuals understand themselves in light of their abilities, aptitudes, interests, attitudes, strengths, and limitations. This process will assist students in the development of their potential; their decisions relating to personal, educational, and vocational matters; and supporting students’ mature self-guidance.

The district’s school counseling program is based on this definition and developed from these broad fundamental principles:

  1. Individuals are different from one another in background, experiences, capabilities, aptitudes, interests, needs, goals, desires, and values. They are equally deserving of respect and support.
  2. Equality of educational opportunity benefits students, families, communities, and society-at-large.
  3. School counseling is a continuous and developmental process.  Every experience of   the individual influences his/her performance in some way.
  4. School counseling does not propose to program an individual’s course of action but is designed to assist him/her in arriving at his/her own satisfactory solutions.
  5. High standards and academic rigor tailored to, and designed to maximize, the potential of the whole child, is a hallmark of the Melrose Public Schools.

School counseling services will include educational counseling; testing programs; occupational, career, and higher education assistance and information; study aids; consultation services; and personal developmental counseling as needed. These services will be available to all students at the level and extent determined to provide the best student outcomes within the boundaries of available district resources.

School counselors and other staff members will present students with a broad spectrum of education and career opportunities. Race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability will not be considered limiting factors in career determination.


MSC first vote: 10/28/14
MSC second vote: 11/18/14