JM: Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

The Committee embraces and encourages the practice of awarding scholarships, prizes, and awards as both an incentive for high levels of achievement and the facilitation of continuing higher levels of education. The Committee encourages groups and individuals to fund endowments for these purposes and is grateful for their support and generosity. In sponsoring or administering any scholarship or award, the Superintendent will ensure that such scholarships or awards are free from restrictions based upon race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. All proposed scholarships or awards to be administered by the district must first be approved and accepted by the Superintendent who will apply the following criteria:

  1. The proposal does not discriminate based on any of the above listed criteria.
  2. The proposal is free from motivations of personal or corporate gain or publicity.
  3. The explicit or implied purposes of the proposal are consistent with the goals and standards of the district.
  4. The proposed criteria for application or selection procedures will not put unreasonable demands on school staff and the criteria for selection will be clear and objective.
  5. The proposal will be in compliance with all laws and Committee policies.


MSC first vote: 10/28/14
MSC second vote: 11/18/14