JQ: Student Fees, Fines, and Charges

The Committee recognizes the need for student fees to fund certain school activities that are part of the required, general curriculum or part of the college application process. It also recognizes that some students may not be able to pay all or part of these fees. No student will be denied access to these programs and/or services because of inability to pay these supplemental charges.

A school may exact a fee or charge only upon Committee approval. The schools, however, may charge for:

  • Materials in courses that involve teaching and learning products that will become the property of the student
  • Transcripts from the Guidance Department
  • Lost and damaged books, locks, materials, supplies, and equipment

Students who are indigent are exempt from paying fees. However, indigent students are not exempt from charges for lost and damaged books, locks, materials, supplies, and equipment.

All student fees and charges, both optional and required, will be listed and described annually in the Program of Studies, the Student Code of Conduct, or in some other written form and distributed to each student. The notice will advise students that fees are to be paid and of the penalties for their failure to pay them.

Any fee or charge due to any school in the district and not paid at the end of the school year will be carried forward to the next succeeding school year, as such debts are considered to be debts of the student to the district and not to a particular school. Graduating seniors must remit all payments prior to graduation.


MSC first vote: 11/18/14
MSC second vote: 12/9/14