JRD: Student Photographs

Individual schools may arrange, in cooperation with the school’s parent organization, student council, designated student committee, or a staff committee, to take individual student and/or class group pictures.

Individual and/or class group pictures may be taken at the school facility and during the regular school day hours. The pictures will be made available for purchase by students and/or parents on a voluntary basis. The principal or his/her designee will have final authority for authorizing the picture-taking program and will be responsible for overseeing the process. Funds collected from picture taking will be managed according to state law and regulation.

Students may be required to have an individual picture taken for the cumulative file or identification purposes; however, no student will be pressured or required to purchase photographs. Photographs will not be used for any purposes other than those noted in this policy.

The Superintendent will provide families with information regarding the consequences of posting group photographs and/or other images that have the potential to compromise student privacy, and will encourage respect for student privacy by families.

MSC first vote: 1/13/15
MSC second vote: 2/18/15