KCB: Community Involvement in Decision Making

Community participation in the affairs of the schools is essential if the school department and the community are to maintain mutual respect so that they can work together to improve the quality of education for students. The Committee will work hard to identify what the community wants and respond to them.

All residents are encouraged to express ideas, concerns, and judgments about the schools to the school administration, staff, appointed advisory boards, and the Committee.

Residents who are specially qualified because of interest, training, experience, or personal characteristics are encouraged to assume an active role in school affairs. From time to time, these people may be invited by the Committee to act as advisers, either individually or in groups.

The Committee and the staff will give weight to the advice they receive from individuals and community groups interested in the schools, particularly from those individuals and groups invited to advise them about specific problems.

The Committee reaffirms the right of its constituents to make recommendations to the Committee on ways to improve the city schools.

All communications received by the Committee are documents of public record, whether they are received electronically or in hard copy. If communications are received by the Melrose Public Schools for the Committee, they will be forwarded to the entire Committee at the earliest convenient time.

If any communication poses an immediate threat to students or property, the communication will be forwarded to the Superintendent and on to the Melrose Police Department.

Anonymous communication will also be distributed in this manner. Although the Committee does not encourage anonymous communication, some contributors may be unable or unwilling to include their identity because it is not possible for the Committee to shield the contributor’s name from the public record. Committee members acknowledge the inherent difficulties of verification and accountability in anonymous communications and will do their best to judge the content accordingly. In no case will an anonymous communication be read at a public meeting or placed in an employee’s personnel record.

MSC first vote: 6/11/13
MSC second vote: 6/18/13