KDB: Public’s Right to Know

The Committee is made up of public servants, and its meetings and records will be a matter of public information, except as such meetings and records pertain to personnel and other confidential matters.

The Committee supports the right of the people to know about district programs and services and will make every effort to disseminate respective information. All requests for information will be addressed fairly, completely, and expeditiously.

The official minutes of Committee meetings, its written policies and regulations, and its financial records will be open for inspection by anyone wishing to examine them during hours when the office is open. No records pertaining to individual students or personnel records of staff members will be released by the Superintendent or any other person for inspection by the public. except as authorized in writing for release by individual employees, students or their legal guardians, or by court order.

Each principal is authorized and encouraged to use all means available to keep families and others in the particular school’s community informed about the school’s program and activities.

The Superintendent will develop and maintain a plan that sets out the guidelines for school-family and school-community communication, including rules about the use and protection of phone numbers, emails and other identifying information. The plan will be reviewed by the Committee on an annual basis and will be communicated to families at the beginning of each school year.

MSC first vote: 8/27/13
MSC second vote: 9/10/13